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MGI prides itself in servicing our clients training and program interests with the most impactful tools, experiences and processes. We continue to identify and design our programs to meet the unique training goals and desired program outcomes. Through a blend of workshops, retreats, executive coaching and support we aspire to continue delivering exceptional results.

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What Does Your Team Need?

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"MGI fast tracked the development of our Vancouver Canuck hockey team by 3 years. With the Oilers we had the benefit of time to form as a team. In today's NHL, we no longer have the luxury of time." - Mark Messier

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"People really feel that we are now in a different space after our day with you. Communication barriers have been removed and it helped us understand each other in a brand new way."


Experiential approach to training is a "hands-on" style of learning that provides participants with the opportunity to develop and explore meaningful personal perspectives. The training process consists of interactive challenges and problem-solving activities. The experiential training process is a highly effective training method for those who strive to compete in today's marketplace.

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"What I found with the Celtics was a set of other players who were brilliant and accomplished. I needed to know who the different players were, what their tendencies were, their habits, and their preferences. I had to learn about their thinking, their temperaments. For me to play my best game, I had to discover theirs." - Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics, Russel Rules

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