Sports Team Development

Building consistent confidence and focus

MGI specializes in building innovation and high volume intensity into your team culture. Our interest is to provide a competitive edge through inspiring the individual and collective team focus. Through the dynamics of experiential training, MGI can fast track the development and evolution of your team culture and identity

“MGI fast tracked the development of our Vancouver Canuck hockey team by 3 years. With the Oilers we had the benefit of time to form as a team. In today’s NHL, we no longer have the luxury of time.”Mark Messier


Using a fun, highly interactive, experiential approach we build a foundation of trust and respect on your team by enhancing team synergy and relationships. Our intention is to compliment the efforts of the coaching staff in setting this foundation.


Mark Messier Leadership Camp

Canadian Olympic Biathlon Program

Canadian Olympic Bobsled Program

Canadian Olympic Cross Country Program

Canadian Olympic Skiing World Cup

Canadian Olympic Freestyle Skiing Program

“What I found with the Celtics was a set of other players who were brilliant and accomplished. I needed to know who the different players were, what their tendencies were, their habits, and their preferences. I had to learn about their thinking, their temperaments. For me to play my best game, I had to discover theirs.”Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics, Russell Rules