About MGI Consulting

MGI is an experiential, training & development company specializing in building teams, developing leaders and inspiring organizations.

Founded in 1984, MGI is located outside Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada. From our conception, MGI has aligned and transformed organizations through powerful workshop experiences, changing the way people, teams, organizations and corporations face challenges and take advantage of opportunities in our ever changing, dynamic world.

Today, with the worlds continually shifting landscape, our programs put value to not only the unique diversity found within individuals and their teams, but to meet the challenge of geographic diversity found within organizations. The goal of our training sessions is to give both individuals and organizations a shared common experience to further enhance dialogue along with new tools and approaches to enable them to meet the ongoing and pressing issues facing your business realities.

Our unique approach enhances relationships, developing an inspired interest to take action, building accountability toward high-level performance outcomes. With our vast network of North American clients coming from the Corporate Sector, Small Business, Government, Education, Not-for-Profit Organizations, along with Sport – both professional and amateur, we are experts in the design, creation and delivery of an experiential approach to training. Your business may be new to us, but we do understand people and processes that will engage, focus, and inspire your people.

By engaging leaders to help build stronger teams, improve team problem solving, enhance relationships, you build trust and respect in the process. At MGI we approach teambuilding as an on-going process not a stand-alone retreat, event or pure fun experience. Our relationship and support with our clients can extend over years. The trust we build in our training approach sets the foundation for further support and training.

We Are Committed To:


Addressing Challenges

Developing training programs with an eye to the future.


Fostering Education

Collaborating on a personalized strategy for you with the appropriate balance of training and support.


Pursuing Excellence

Integrating personal and organizational change.


Producing Results

Pushing the envelope of thinking and practice to accomplish tangible, breakthrough-level results.

Our Approach At MGI Consulting

MGI delivers highly impactful and interactive workshops for all group sizes. Our programs run from short half-day sessions to multi day retreats. Our workshops are typically customized to align with the unique goals or desired outcomes defined by you. We challenge ourselves and continue to endeavor to provide training that cuts to the source of human interaction and a facilitative leadership style in leading teams.

Experiential Learning and Facilitation

  • Training

    Experiential approach to training is a “hands-on” style of learning that provides participants with the opportunity to develop and explore meaningful personal perspectives. The training process consists of interactive challenges and problem-solving activities. The experiential training process is a highly effective training method for those who strive to compete in today’s marketplace.

  • retention

    Our ability to retain what we have learned increases markedly with interaction. We retain:

    • 90% of what we do
    • 30% of what we see
    • 20% of what we hear
    • 10% of what we read

guiding foundational values

  • Build success

    The confidence, trust and respect grows as teams and individuals experience and build on success.

  • Personal Safety

    Programs are designed to honour both emotional and physical personal safety.

  • Journey Together

    People and teams grow at their own pace. We honor their journey and believe in the principle of personal choice.

  • Today To Tomorrow

    Having the courage to forgive past challenges and collectively embrace the future.

  • Honoring Individual Strengths

    Fundamental to all consulting initiatives is our belief that in order to build a foundation of cooperation and collaboration in an organization, it is essential to honor individual strengths and differing styles, building appreciation in the diversity of people and personal tendencies.

  • Understanding the Client

    MGI provides a suite of meaningful content and processes that support client centered solutions. We create a partnership with our clients, engaging in a dynamic needs assessment process, designing relevant and purposeful training to meet their unique and individual needs.

Our Expertise

To ensure the learning is valid and can be transferred to the work environment requires a high degree of facilitation and coaching. Successful learning requires a thorough debriefing and linking to the workplace.

Our experiential challenges are designed to reflect every day work situations, while generating real feelings, responses and behaviors. These challenges, skillfully debriefed by way of guided inquiry, often result in participants exclaiming, “This is exactly what happens at work!” or “ I see this situation every day!”

Guided discussion identifies new insights that become a catalyst for new actions and behaviors such as, improved attitudes, increased communication effectiveness, enhanced levels of trust and understanding, and refined problem-solving skills. Applied to the workplace, these create capable, confident and enthusiastic individuals who are committed and empowered to accept and pursue challenge, even in the midst of change. Each training session is seen as part of a client’s journey.

Our training belief is to
Inspire Performance, Purpose, And Productivity Through Meaningful Fun!

Our Team