Conflict Management

We continually embrace the challenge of how to effectively manage and resolve disputes in the workplace. Our belief is that conflict is inevitable. It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or fortune 500 company, difference in opinion, approach, personal perspectives, unchecked assumptions, personality etc. will always be a challenge.

Our experience has been that highly effective groups address the conflict and challenges before they fester and compromise the culture. This is often accomplished by establishing a strong foundation of trust and respect. Through our experiences, conversations, processes, and tools we have many approaches to address and resolve any teams unique challenges.

Building on the notion that conflict is inevitable, MGI provides the tools to better enable you to understand your personal approach to conflict and how best to adapt your style to better bring closure to conflict situation.


    It takes awareness to know you have an issue.


    Because of the emotions involved, it takes courage to work out the small issues that create the big issues.


    It takes communication skills to work on the issue.


    It takes commitment to the relationship and to the organization by all group members.

  • TIME

    It takes time. Sometimes reconciliation happens quickly; at other times it takes longer. There is also a real challenge to make the time to sit down to discuss the issue at hand.


    It takes sensitivity for you to maintain the self-esteem self-confidence, self-respect, and the trust of the person you are reconciling with.


    Awareness of where the other person is coming from. An understanding of your personal approach along with the style of the other person can assist you in understanding the other persons perspective in the conflict situation.