Transitioning Change

Engage your culture, build a willingness to embrace change

A sense of engagement & belief of effectiveness drive high performance.

The ability to manage change is developed through understanding the process of change and accepting challenges and opportunities from a new perspective.

Change is not a one – time phenomenon but a permanent business partner. The first task of change management is to understand the destination and how to get there. The next task of transition management is convincing people to leave home. Experience shows that at some point, from the old to the new in any organization, leaders inevitably wonder to themselves “What is taking everyone so long- don’t they get it?”

This is a signal to move back into the organization and meet people where they are in the change process. By encouraging, supporting, reassuring, communicating and coaching people toward embracing the new beginning, one can be more successful in leading more effectively through the process of change.

Adaptability to Change

Being; ever watchful of the changing marketplace, a continuing challenge is to be proactive in ensuring the long term viability and effectiveness of the business units and the teams within an organization.

Critical Elements:

  • Understanding the phases of change
  • How to manage the transition of change
  • Personal needs and wants in change
  • An understanding of, love it or hate it we must move on
  • Identifying where a group may be in the change process
  • Understanding personal and organizational change
  • Understanding the impact of constant change
MGI concentrates on two key components in the process of change:
  • Change itself, which is the event
  • Transition, the process and period of adjustment in adapting to the change.

Clarify if the change initiative is developmental, transitional, or transformative. Change is complete when a critical mass of individuals in the organization leaves the old situation behind to embrace, and accept a new way. The challenge is to minimize performance loss as employees struggle to commit to a new and different way.

This program begins the journey by setting a common focus and reference, to minimize transition time and bring performance quickly back to productive levels.