Enhancing Team Performance

Provided as a 1- 4 day team enhancement experience, MGI’s Teams in Action program provides a rich experience through:

Understanding what you and your team members bring to a team as you work toward achieving common goals.

Experience ‘the journey’, a set of team building challenges designed to engage your team in complex problem solving. This highly synergistic experience builds trust and garnishes respect between team members.

Large team challenges, 10-30 members working together to reach a common goal bringing to light the complexities of working as a large team. The challenge of geographic and functional diversity is captured in the challenges, with the learnings applied back to their work responsibilities.

Explore facilitative leadership as you’ve never experienced it before!

Program participants rave about the experience, and return to work with a renewed confidence and appreciation for and commitment to working more as a team. The shared experience involving working together on tasks which are unfamiliar and which require a high degree of interdependence quickly builds trust and rapport across the team. Skills learnt are directly transferable as too are the tools presented. Trust and respect between team members is fostered through the journey experience.

Self Skills

Sets the foundation for personal development andauthentic leadership with application to any role we may take on. i.e. coach, manager, supervisor, or staff member. This requires:

  • An understanding and awareness of personal strengths and tendencies
  • An understanding and appreciation of others
  • A sense of your personal authentic leadership style
  • A personal awareness of approach to problem solving, managing conflict, resolving issues, communicating, approaching new situations
  • Confirmation of personal needs and wants in times of change
  • A heightened awareness of the needs and wants of others
  • Heightened awareness of the impact of being flexible in your style towards leadership

Team Skills

Our approach to team development is one of experiencing the multitude of dynamics present within a high functioning team. Key concepts are first experienced, then personalized and applied to the workplace. The experience allows for:

  • Respect and value for interpersonal diversity
  • Creative and innovative problem solving
  • Team synergy
  • Power and impact of breakthrough thinking in shifting paradigms
  • Understanding of personal style and contribution to building team effectiveness
  • Building of trust, respect and confidence
  • Managing team momentum by minimizing ‘creative looping’
  • Enrichment of interpersonal relationships between team members
  • The power of a positive, synergistic shared experience, which will leave a long lasting legacy

Team as Organization

Value driven outcome based training requires a balance of behavioural training coupled with your organizations systems. The intent is to engage participants through dialogue and interactive processes, to refresh,build, and operationalize effective organizational systems. Strong personal and team behavior’s within focused systems can then work to effectively support the dynamic and changing needs of an organization.

Some foundational elements for establishing a strong systemic foundation include:

  • Building strategic direction
  • Scanning the internal and external environments
  • Managing the transition of change
  • Rebuilding a post merger culture
  • Building vision
  • Visionary leadership
  • Resolving issues
  • Building personal responsibility and accountability
  • Establishing core working values
  • Resolving organizational systemic conflict
  • Building communication plans
  • Restructuring processes, building commitment and personal responsibility to change.