Creating our Vision, Mission, and Values
Building the foundation of focus for success

Embark on an experiential and synergistic process that clearly defines who we are, where we are going, and what behaviours will get us there in a respectful fashion.

A companies Vision, mission, and values are foundational in building a focused and productive culture.


A vision helps unite people towards a purpose. Creating and living a vision is the role of leaders in organizations. They have to espouse it and help others to believe it.

Visions are aesthetic and moral, they come from within as well as outside.

According to Disney, a successful vision accomplishes six goals:

  • gives a sense of the future
  • guides decision making and strategy
  • creates a shared purpose
  • provides guidelines that determine behaviour
  • inspires emotion
  • connects to values


A mission statement is a unifying statement of what an organization is in business to do. It is a key reference point in the planning and implementation of change.

A mission statement is a description of the organization’s key purposes.


Values are the beliefs of an organization, the expression of what it stands for and how it will conduct itself. Values are the core of an organization’s being. They underpin policies, objectives, procedures and strategies because they provide an anchor and a reference point for all things that happen.