Executive Coaching

MGI’s approach to executive coaching embodies their experiences working in the training and development field for the past 35 years. We embody the values of curiosity, being non-judgemental, supportive and empathetic listeners.

What is executive coaching?

Coaching has evolved from the world of athletics, MGI having worked with 7 NHL hockey teams along with Olympic teams; where coaches help elite athletes enhance their performance and achieve their goals. From the world of sports, we have advanced the concept of coaching to the executive suite as a means to help senior and junior executives manage a constantly changing business environment and refine their leadership style (getting in touch with their ‘authentic style’) and advance their skills.

Our goal is to better enable people at all levels of the organization through our executive coaching practice to refine and define their personal journey to further enhance their performance. The process focuses on the participant’s goals, aligns with personal accountability performance agreements, accelerates movement toward the goals, reinforces learning and change, and increases self-empowerment, and focus, building self-confidence in the process.

Individuals who participate in executive coaching benefit in four important ways:
  • They have a clearer vision of their development goals
  • They have a clearer focus on aligning personal goals to corporate vision and accompanying goals
  • They are significantly more successful in achieving their goals
  • They are more effective supervisors, managers, directors, and members of a senior leadership team.
Executive coaching also offers significant benefits to the participant’s organization, including:
  • Developing and retaining effective leaders
  • Embracing a facilitative style of leadership best attuned to engaging, inspiring and building accountability with their direct reports.
  • Building synergies within teams
  • Achieving successful organizational change
  • Engaging Employees
  • Encouraging Collaborative Teamwork
  • Managing Priorities, Time and Balance

MGI Executive Coaching is a highly interactive process that is built on trust and respect. An individual personal strengths and leadership style is respected, and seen as the foundation to accentuating ones authentic leadership style. Confidentiality is contracted up front and rigorously adhered to. By creating this trusting environment and following a coaching framework, MGI coaches lay the foundation for exploring opportunities and creating positive change. A coaching relationship has to work for all involved. The length of the coaching relationship is determined by the individual’s value deemed through the process.

The processes and tools used by our coaches are based on proven methodologies and our 35 years of experience in the training and development field. The agenda is developed in partnership with you. Our goal is to maximize our time with you to best enable the support you’d like in your personal challenges moving forward.