Building a Culture of Engagement

The competitive nature of today’s business climate is challenging leaders to build a business culture whereby employees are feeling valued, engaged, empowered and have the desire to be a part of a growing company. MGI can assist by providing support in the areas of:

Building team spirit, enhancing relationships in the process

Provide you with the ‘science of getting the right employees’ behind your hiring practices

Support hiring practices by better aligning personal strengths and tendencies to their role within the company

Enhance your staff orientation package building processes which build engagement and provide a ‘bigger picture’ of their role in the company

Confirm your organizational values and assist in aligning behaviors to support those values.

Provide employees with the tools and processes to overcome and resolve issues and conflicts.

Align employee’s energies with the vision, purpose and goals of the company.

Build an attitude toward acceptance of change, assisting in moving the emotions associated with change forward.

Enhancing Team Performance

The foundation to building a healthy culture begins with a focus on the relationships between staff and between management and staff. MGI draws on the diversity between relationships in an organization to build an enriching and life enhancing team – building experience.

Through the dynamics of experiential training, participants experience and explore:
  • Building team synergy
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Building trust
  • Valuing interpersonal diversity
  • Achieving common goals through shared team leadership
  • The value of competition within teams
  • Finding the creative balance between planning and action
  • Maintaining the presence of team momentum, avoiding the pitfalls inherent within team problem solving
  • Building accountability within a team and between team members
  • Process in pursuit of team goals, and the building of team synergy
  • The importance of success throughout the journey of team growth
  • The value of chaos and struggle in the early stages of team evolution
  • The art of listening
  • The challenge of building both small and large team synergy

Aligning Business Processes

MGI provides process facilitation expertise to enable:
  • A fundamental redesign of an organization’s systems, processes and culture.
  • Building a macro directional strategy at the board / senior management level
  • The development of strategic direction beginning with your vision and mission
  • The acceleration of the achievement of critical business strategiesA ‘line of vision mapping process to chart workflow
  • The development of a communication plan
  • Resolution of issues bringing focus to key ‘driving issues’ and separation from ‘noise issues’.
  • The building of team synergy and commitment to strategic outcomes
  • The acceleration through the emotional transition period of change for employees

Providing Personal Tools

Providing the Specific Processes to enhance individual, team and organizational performance. Building key competencies and acquiring skill sets and tools enable employees to increase their capacity to meet current and future challenges.

Our ultimate aim is to increase personal, team and organizational performance by providing employees with the resources to meet challenges individually and collectively.

Personal and team skill development include:

  • Team problem solving
  • Communicating effectively
  • Building relationships by valuing uniqueness and understanding personal strengths
  • Managing conflict & resolving issues
  • Exploring the art process leadership
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • The art of building people up
  • Building pride in your organizational culture
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Managing the transition of change
  • Building assertiveness and accommodation techniques
  • Learning to lead … learning to follow

Building Responsibility and Accountability during Change Initiatives

MGI supports the transition of organizational change by focusing on the following processes:

  • Promoting communication of a compelling vision,
  • Enabling leaders to understand and managing personal transition through times of change
  • Understanding personal emotions and needs during the transition of change
  • Creating renewed focus through role clarity and work plan redesign
  • Building relationships, reinforcing the importance of trust and support
  • Building a communication plan

Business & Personal Coaching

Experience, insight and perspective along with training and process management skills are offered to assist leaders dealing with complex issues in moving processes and strategies forward. Clients reach new levels of success as a result of the insight, objective feedback and experienced perspective of a coach.

Recognizing that the performance and resiliency of business leaders is critical to business success, MGI coaches senior management, as well as board members, to get the best from themselves, their team and their business in the areas of:

  • Process leadership
  • Team leadership
  • Vision building
  • Leading change
  • Relationship building
  • Managing diversity
  • Resolving conflict

Personal Coaching

MGI specializes in personal coaching for individuals in any area which will enhance business and personal success, including:
  • Working within a team
  • Moving through change
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Leadership
  • Resolving conflict
  • Managing diversity

Enhancing Communication

The most difficult conversations and the one’s often required to support healthy relationships are often those that are most difficult to start. MGI can assist by leading a couple or small group through a process which respectfully gets the tough conversation started.

A process to support the tough conversations

  • Name the issue
  • Select a specific example that illustrates the behavior or situation you want to change
  • Describe your emotions about this issue
  • Clarify what is at stake
  • Identify your contribution to the problem
  • Indicate your wish to resolve the issue
  • Invite your partner to respond
  • Inquire into your partners views
  • What have we learned?
  • Make an agreement.
  • Reason for supporting team concepts