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Our most challenging experience. If you have ever wanted to explore and experience the key fundamentals of engagement, collaboration, and concise communication. While facing the challenge of a deadline, geographic diversity, and various roles to achieve a common goal.



What will you get out of this experience?


  • Clarity on what it takes to build large team synergy
  • appreciation of the importance of early communication when taking on a project 
  • A shared experience to use as a reference point for challenges faced in organizational life
  • a sense of pride and accomplishment in completing a complex task
  • Set a foundation of resilience for an ever-changing world 



  • Group Sizes: 12 – 60 Participants
  • Team Sizes 12 – 20 participants per facilitator
  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Event Duration: 2 hour activity, 1 hour debrief of the experience
  • Venue: Outdoors for activity/indoor or outdoor for debrief, we work with you to determine a suitable location